Animal Navel Rings

If you are searching for symbolic navel piercing jewelry, you've come to the right place! is the best source of stylish animal navel rings! Animals have always surrounded the life of men and they are considered harbingers of human's personality traits. In our collection you'll find navel rings with the most widespread and interesting animals. Choose the one according to its appearance or to its symbolism. Dragons symbolize courage, balance, magic, strength and many other traits and emotions. Snakes are symbols of balance, rebirth, intellect, fertility and awareness. Cats symbolize mystery, intelligence, independence and watchfulness. Scorpions are symbols of sex, protection, passion and transition. Symbolic meanings of frogs include dreaming, healing, luck and metamorphosis. Horses symbolize nobility, beauty, freedom, power and grace. You'll also find many other fashionable animal navel rings in this collection. Be unique and stunning!

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